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We are proud to serve our local community here in Clearwater & our fellow countrymen from the Hispanic communities of Hidalgo, Oaxaca & Chiapas, Mexico! Learn about us and how we love to help our fellow countrymen & woman!

Our first local Paisano began in 2006 with the ideology of being able to provide services that the Hispanic community seeks and help in everything we can as we depend on God and live from our clientele. We help our friends and clients to find resources here in the U.S. that possibly because of the language is difficult for them, such as, translations, interpreter for medical appointment, printing of documents, package shipments, search of information, online applications, etc. We have been able to grow thanks to the many services we offer, such as, money transfers, recharging of cell phones, computer rentals and bill payments.

What started as a crazy idea, resulted in creating jobs for five families of Mexican origin. We are of humble origin and for that reason we are proud to be able to link and connect families who had to separate because of the American dream. We applaud parents who send money to their children, as well as children who support their parents in Mexico or their country of origin.

Although our clientele is mostly of Mexican descent, people of all origins will always be welcome!

If you are interested in supporting children struggling financially to continue school in the area of Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo, you can come in and obtain more information or make a donation in person or online through the following website: gofundme.org/ayudaparaestudiantes

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